Mama D’s Italian Ice & Cool Pops

    I'm Baltimore born and bred.  Our family moved to Memphis in 2004 and I longed for the flavors of home - steamed crabs with Old Bay, Utz potato chips, Tastykakes and Italian Ice!  I couldn't do too much about the crabs and chips, but I did decide to do something about the Italian Ice, so in September of 2008 I started Mama D's Italian Ice. The people of Memphis have been warm and receptive to this idea of Italian Ice, even though I did find myself explaining the difference between what I was making and shaved ice quite a bit!

    Mama D's, like most small businesses, has been tweaked to reflect what the people want - because for me, it's all about the people - my customers - and what makes them happy.  A quality product, produced locally and served with a warm smile, is what we strive for at Mama D's.  I won't settle for anything less.  Come and visit us at a local farmers market or store - click on Markets for our locations.  Taste what customers come back for each week - you'll leave happy with a smile on your face!

The Mama D’s Story